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New Pet Party Packs

June 28, 2018  •  1 Comment

Pet Party Packs

3-18Angel-7784-125123-18Angel-7784-12512Pet Pawty Pack

Check out these new Pet Party Packs featuring beer for dogs and wine for cats.

3-184Calla-9165-131563-184Calla-9165-13156Petwine Pawty Pack

The triple Bark Brew - Dog Pawty Pack allows your dog to be able to sample all 3 dog beer flavors including Beef, Chicken and Calm Ale.

Beef Ale 8oz: Ingredients: Filtered water, Beef, Malt extract, glucosamine, citric acid, sodium, benzoate, potassium sorbate

Chicken Ale  8oz: Ingredients: Filtered water, Chicken, Malt extract, glucosamine, citric acid, sodium, benzoate, potassium sorbate

Calm Ale 8oz Ingredients:Filtered water, beef,  50mg hemp oil extract, Malt extract, glucosamine, citric acid, sodium, benzoate, potassium sorbate (This is a calming formula!)

3-18Aeli-7967-126373-18Aeli-7967-12637Pet Pawty Pack

Tip:  If your dog's not a fan of dry food, you can pour the beer over their food to soften and give it great flavor.

  Or your dogs can just lap up the dog beer as a cool summer drink.  The beer is also beneficial for your dogs since it includes glucosamine which has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps with joint health. 

3-18Maci-7570-125953-18Maci-7570-12595Pet Winery dog wine pawty pack

The Cat Wine Pawty Pack Features 1.6 oz of Purrgundy and 1.6 oz of Meowsling.  The Cat wine is made from all-natural ingredients including salmon oil, catnip, filtered water and organic food coloring.

2-18PetWinery-4390-110602-18PetWinery-4390-11060Catwine Pawty Pack for cats

Does your cat love to Pawty

2-18PetWinery-4384-110582-18PetWinery-4384-11058Pet Winery CatWine Pawty Pack

Does your cat prefer Red or White?

2-18PetWinery-4554-110742-18PetWinery-4554-11074Cattini for cats

Mine prefer the Red or my cat Dragon's Favorite is the green Cat-ini.


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