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Petozy Cat Scratching Toy

May 26, 2018  •  4 Comments

Petozy Cat Scratching Toy

5-18Petozy-5096-147945-18Petozy-5096-14794Petozy Cat Scratcher Toy product photography

I would like to share some new pet product photos I just took with my 6 cats and a great deal.  To celebrate their product launch, Petozy will be selling their product at a promotional price of $1.00. The regular undiscounted price will be at $20.00. Supplies are limited due to using a sisal scratching surface. You can purchase the product here.  To get the Special discount code for $1 please send a email to amanda@astylephotography.com asking for the Petozy $1 Coupon Code.

Hurry, I only have only 20 one time use coupon codes. They will expire on 06/30/2018. Once the promotional coupon is applied at checkout, the product price will be reduced to $1.

5-18Petozy-5112-147855-18Petozy-5112-14785Petozy Cat Scratcher Toy product photography

The Petozy Cat Scratching Toy features a modern design so it looks great in your home while also serving a multi-functional purpose for your cat. Hang the scratching toy on the wall for vertical scratch and play or leave it on the floor for horizontal scratch and play. Moreover, the all-natural sisal scratching surface will shred pleasurably under your cats claws helping them remove old claw sheaths. Keep your furry friend happy and healthy with the Petozy Cat Scratching Toy.

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If you have a few minutes to spare after using the product, please leave them feedback by going to here. This will help them entertain more pets in the future. Lastly, we would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our product with you and giving us the chance to entertain your furry friend.


We would love one of these - and great idea to hang it up! Our cat feels left out of stuff I think sometimes
Sapper Jean(non-registered)
These are so cool! Thank you for all the information! ❤️
My cat Bella really likes to lay on the mouses head while using her claw on its body I guess cause the head is soft. She also likes the fact it's light weight and she can drag it around into other rooms. She seems to really enjoy it!
Melissa Soriano(non-registered)
I ordered this and received it very quickly! My cats love playing with it, even if they are a little destructive and have already torn the pom-pom off. They enjoy the scratching pad! Good buy for all kitties!
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