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Z Lux Skin Care

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Z Lux Skin Care

8-17ZLuxSkineCare-6633-48968-17ZLuxSkineCare-6633-4896Product Photography featuring Z Lux Skin Care by A Style Photography

I would like to share a few photos from a fun product photo shoot I just completed for Z Lux Skin Care.  I really love the lavender scent from the monthly surprise gift box that I photographed and I look forward to photographing many other surprise gift boxes to see what's hidden inside.  I love surprises!


Enter to Win The Ultimate Ritz Carlton Dream Giveaway

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Enter now to win the Ritz Carlton Dream Relaxation package!
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A Fabulous Ritz Carlton Diamond Waffle Robe, Perfect in every season, our lightweight cotton robe is made from waffle weave cotton and lined with cozy terry velour. The effortless silhouette features full-length sleeves and a shawl collar for added warmth, two patch pockets and adjustable belt. From morning coffee to evening relaxation, add this to your daily routine.
Ritz Carlton Waffle Slippers, Keep soles warm with these lightweight waffle cotton slippers, delicately embroidered with The Ritz-Carlton logo. Like stepping into a Ritz-Carlton Spa, slip these on to start fully relaxing. Light a candle. Draw a bath. Or simply start your day in style.
Onlywax 4 amazing Candles, Vanilla, Lemongrass, French Lavender and Rose Strongly Scented Sustainable Vegan Natural Soy Travel Tin Candle.

In addition to our Z Lux Skincare giveaway, Relaxation would not be complete without an amazing All in One Luxurious Gift Set, with 3 Huge Bath Bombs, Sugar Scrubs, Bath Minerals and a Lavender lush Soap. 

Enter at www.zluxgiveaway.com


Hurry contest ends Oct. 31, 2017


Since I took some doggie bubble bath photos a few months ago, Z Lux Skin Care suggested I photograph their soaps and scrubs in my bathroom.  I added candles to give the scene a romantic day spa feeling. 

8-17ZLuxSkineCare-6778-49088-17ZLuxSkineCare-6778-4908Product Photography featuring Z Lux Skin Care by A Style Photography

Here's a photo of my hand pouring the lavender bath minerals into my bathtub.  I love the pretty purple color.  I can't decide if my favorite color is purple or red?  What's your favorite color or do you have multiple favorites?

8-17ZLuxSkineCare-66378-17ZLuxSkineCare-6637Product Photography featuring Z Lux Skin Care by A Style Photography

My cats even loved the lavender scent so much that they photo bombed my photo shoot.

8-17ZLuxSkineCare-6593-48838-17ZLuxSkineCare-6593-4883Product Photography featuring Z Lux Skin Care by A Style Photography

The Lotion bars and scrubs are made with 100% essential oils. 

Order your own bath bombs, sugar scrub or surprise box today and have a relaxing spa night!


First 10 people who order get 15% discount using link www.zluxvip.com


Do you have a product you would like to have photographed? 

Email: amanda@astylephotography.com


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