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Blog for Photographers - Orlando Meet n Greet

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Blog for Photographers -  Orlando Meet n Greet


Local Florida - Orlando Meet n Greet

I would like to encourage photographers to join events like the Orlando Meet n Greet to meet models and learn from other photographers.  The theme of this event was black and white and most of the images were shot hi-key.

5-17OMG-Andie-93785-17OMG-Andie-9378Blog for Photographers 5-17OMG-Rasiel-31925-17OMG-Rasiel-3192Blog for Photographers


Photo Project Idea - Shoot from Above

Get creative and try different angles.  I stood on a chair to get this shoot from above.


I even re-connected with some models I have photographed in the past at the Orlando Meet n Greet.  Poala and Kirsten are both fun models and very creative with posing.

Photoshop Tips:  How to create a Panoramic college

DSC_9453-3152collegeDSC_9453-3152collegeBlog for Photographers

To create this panoramic college of multiple images, I started with the middle image and then increased my canvas size to fit the other images.  I used the move tool to drag the other images onto the main image and move into place.  I used layer mask to hide some of the extra white around the girls so that they wouldn't overlap the next image.  I had to transform (Ctrl+ T or mac Cmd+T) a few of the images to make them all the same size.  It would have been smarter to shoot on a tripod with the same focal length to make the all images the exact same size for easier combining.  After I had all the images in the right places and did a stamp visible (Ctrl+ALT +Shift+E or mac Cmd+Alt+Shift+E)  to create a merged layer, but kept the other layers underneath in case I needed to go back.  On the merged layer I used the cloning and patch tools to blend the edges in between the images better. 

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