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KitTEA and DoggieTEA

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KitTEA and DoggieTEA

KitTEA and DoggieTEA are made with an organic blend of catnip and valerian root.

4-17PetWinery-2983-12404-17PetWinery-2983-1240KittTea and DoggieTea

Tip:  Guard the the tea bags because the cats love the smell so much they will try to steal the tea bags.

  I only had the tea bags out for a few seconds to photograph them and my cat Winter tried to eat one.

  I am really glad that the tea bags arrive in a metal tin to protect the bags from cat thieves.

4-17PetWinery-0755-12294-17PetWinery-0755-1229KittTea and DoggieTea

Please make sure to cool down the tea for the kitties or doggies with ice cubes or refrigerate.

4-17PetWinery-2952-12314-17PetWinery-2952-1231KittTea and DoggieTea

Did you know A Style Photography can print your pet photos on a coffee cup?

The cup in the above photo is a photo of three of my cats when they were babies in my boat prop.

Book your pet's photo shoot by emailing amanda@astylephotography.com

4-17PetWinery-2972-12384-17PetWinery-2972-1238KitTea and DoggieTea

Order your furry friends some relaxing tea to enjoy.



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