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Blog for Photographers - SPI Photo Conference

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Blog for Photographers -  SPI Photo Conference


Local Florida - SPI Photo Conference

This newsletter is going to focus on photo conferences and classes for continued learning and improving photography skills.

Here's a few photos of a Scentsy camera that I won when I attended the last SPI photo conference in Orlando, FL.  The next one will be January 4-8, 2018.  This is the third time I have attended the SPI conference and I look forward to next year's event.

3-17Scentsy-9693-17Scentsy-969Scentsy Candle Photography by A Style Photography

Thank you Send Out Cards for the gift.


I meet Tiffany Cline, a great source for Scentsy refills at a local Florida farmer's market.

Local farmer's markets are a great place for photo ideas and to meet new people.

3-17Scentsy-9683-17Scentsy-968Scentsy Candle Photography by A Style Photography

My cats even like the Scentsy candle's scent.


Photo Project Idea

Attend a photo conference to learn new ideas, network, and be inspired. 

I was inspired to do a frisbee photoshoot with a free gift I received from one of the vendor booths at the Shutterfest conference in St. Louis that I just attended last week. 

4-17Aries-43254-17Aries-4325frisbee pet photography photo session 4-17Aries-43264-17Aries-4326frisbee pet photography photo session

4-17Aries-43944-17Aries-4394pet photography photo session

Photography Tips:

Travel Photography Tips:

Research sunrise and sunset times so you can be prepared for the best lighting times.

4-17Aries-50164-17Aries-5016Sunset Pet Photos by A Style Photography

Computer Tips:

I got a new computer.  YAY!  It's faster and there are less computer issues. 

Since purchasing software on CD's has become less common and now a lot of the companies just sell software downloads, it was more time consuming to find all the programs I use and I had to do a lot of digging in my emails and receipts to find the links and passwords to download to new computer.  It has been suggested to  create a folder of downloaded program files to save for next time I upgrade which I think is a great idea to keep my programs organized. 


Photoshop Tips:

Working with Layer Masks


The shortcut to fill a layer or layer mask with the foreground color is Alt+ Backspace.


Create a selection from a layer mask by Ctrl or Cmd clicking on the layer mask.


If you want to continue learning check out my next photography and photoshop classes below.

  ButterfliesFlowersPhotosopMay2017ButterfliesFlowersPhotoshopMay2017Butterflies Flowers and Photoshop Class at Harmon Photo in Orlando, FL

PhotoshopMayJune2017PhotoshopMayJune2017Photoshop Class at Harmon Photo in Orlando, Florida

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Thanks for learning.


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