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Blog for Photographers - The Moon

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Blog for Photographers -  March 2017


Local Florida - The Moon

These photos of the moon are very local to me.  They were taken only a few steps from my house in the backyard. 

3-17moon-9994-23-17moon-9994-2Moon Photography by A Style Photography

On the way home from a seeing a movie over the weekend, The Great Wall, I noticed how the moon looked amazing with lots of clouds in front of it.  So I crossed my fingers and hoped that the clouds would still be there when I got home.


As soon as I arrived home, I grabbed my camera and tripod and went into the backyard to photograph the moon. 


I experimented with different exposures and really like the results.  The long exposures show more details in the clouds in front of the moon and the shorter exposures show more details of the clouds in the sky.

3-17Moon-0148-23-17Moon-0148-2Moon Photography by A Style Photography

The above moon photo was taken this morning from my front yard.  Since the daylight savings time change was just a couple of days ago the moon was still out this morning.

Photo Project Idea - Photograph in your Backyard

Instead of traveling, just take a few steps outside to your backyard.  Some ideas of subjects to photograph include, the moon, clouds, sunset or sunrise, ants, leaves, trees, birds, squirrels, texture in wood bark and lots more.

Photoshop Tips:

How to use Photoshop to remove a Dog Leash and Collar

6-15Aries2319leash6-15Aries2319leashPhotoshop a Leash off a dog 6-15Aries2319b6-15Aries2319bPhotoshop a Leash off a dog

  1. Make a Duplicate copy of the background layer by dragging the background layer to the create a new layer icon or use shortcut (Ctrl+J or Mac Cmd+J)

(This is to help you work non-destructively in case you remove too much you can add a layer mask to reveal back parts of the original background image if needed later)

  1. With this image I am going to use patch tool to remove the leash. With the patch tool draw a blob around the leash (or object) you want to remove and press Shift F5 or (Edit>Fill).

Under the Content’s Use drop down menu choose Content-Aware and then click OK.


  1. Repeat using the patch tool multiple times and try smaller pieces to completely remove leash and collar.


Tip: Try to draw the blob as close to the object you want to remove without touching it because if you include a little piece of the object you want to remove such as the leash you might end up with smeared edges with some blue and pink of the leash still showing.

6-15Aries2319p16-15Aries2319p1Photoshop a Leash off a dog


There are several tools you can use to remove the leash such as the patch tool, clone stamp, Healing brush, spot healing brush, and content aware tool. I often use multiple tools on the same objects to completely remove them.


After learning how to use Photoshop to remove a dog's leash and collar here's a couple of links to check out if you need a great bark collar for your dog. 1. https://yourpetland.com/bark-collar-reviews/
2. https://yourpetland.com/best-dog-training-collar/

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