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Enchanted Forest Jewelry

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BlogHere's a few photos from my recent product photography shoot for Enchanted Forest Jewelry.

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The Enchanted Forest Jewelry Sacred Geometry Magic necklace collection includes gold and silver versions of a Fibonacci spiral, Flower of Life, Lotus, Metatron's Cube, Nautilus, Seed of Life, Geometry Spirals, Lotus Flower of Life, and a sunflower spiral.  They arrive in a nice jute gift bag.

2-17KP78902-17KP7890Enchanted Forest Jewelry

One of the great things about the Sacred Geometry Necklaces is that each necklaces has a unique and special meaning. each necklace has a unique and special meanin

If you would like some Enchanted Forest Jewelry for yourself or a loved one please visit https://www.enchantedforestshop.com/collections/sacred-geometry-magic

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I would like to thank my models Kirsten, Paola, and Nicki for doing an amazing job modeling the beautiful enchanted forest necklaces.

2-17N8148-717-22-17N8148-717-2Enchanted Forest Jewelry   2-17EnchantedForest94312-17EnchantedForest9431Enchanted Forest Jewelry

Visit Nicki's website at https://soapboxgirlmusic.com/


Visit Kirsten and Paola's blog at https://thehepburnmovement.blogspot.com



If your interested in modeling for my next project or have products you would like photographed

please email me at amanda@astylephotography.com


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