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Blog for Photographers - Light up Central Lake

January 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Blog for Photographers -  Light up Central Lake

Here's the first blog of the new year.

Local Florida - Light up Central Lake

Here's a few photos I took on Christmas Day in downtown Clermont, FL at Light up Central Lake. 



Here's a fun experiment with motion blur.

Photo Project Idea:

Long exposure night photography of Christmas lights before they are all taken down or photograph street lights, buildings and cars at night.


Photography Tips: Tripods

Use a Tripod for long exposure night photography.  Great for photographing Christmas lights.

I have several favorite tripods.  For stability, I like Manfrotto tripods especially the ones with the cool flip over feature for macro photography to be able to point down over the flower or product.

For Travel, I love the MeFoto tripod because it's lighter weight and folds up small.  I like that it can also become a monopod if a tripod is too much for a certain location.  Last year I photographed at the Holy Land Park in Orlando, Florida during Christmas and it was too crowded on the night I went to have a tripod, so I just used the monopod to avoid being in people's way.

When I travel to visit my family in Missouri, I bring my MeFoto and Sirui travel tripods and use them as light stands by adding a flash bracket.  They fit in my suitcase much better than light stands. 


Photoshop Tips:


To change layer order you can click on the layer you would like to move and drag it.

Or the shortcut is Ctrl(pc)/Cmd(mac) + [ or ] to move the layer up or down.  [ is down and ] is up.

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