A Style Photography | Blog for Photographers - Hollis Gardens & Barnett Family Park

Blog for Photographers - Hollis Gardens & Barnett Family Park

September 05, 2016  •  2 Comments

Blog for Photographers - Hollis Gardens & Barnett Family Park


Local Florida - Hollis Gardens & Barnett Family Park

Hollis Gardens and Barnett Family Park are located right next to each other in Lakeland, FL.

  Both are free to visit.  


Barnett Family park is nicely decorated with sculptures and mosaics.


Hollis Gardens looks like a great place to photograph a model, but there is a sign that says photography must not interfere with scheduled events. So please be respectful to others.


There were lots of beautiful roses and flowers blooming around the Magnolia building.

Photo Project Idea

Photograph trash.


I spotted this traffic cone at at the lake next to Hollis gardens.

Computer Tips: Back up your Data!!!

Save your photos multiple times.  I personally have a tower of portable hard drives with duplicate drives in case one drive crashes which has happened to me.  I also have my client photos backed-up on-line on my web-site.  I have my web-site created with Zenfolio

The best way to back-up photos is to actually make a print of your best, most memorable images because you could scan or photograph the print with the latest technology and have the image restored if it had become damaged over time.  Do you have photos saved on old floppy disk or zip disk and have no way to read them?  Make sure you keep updating your old files to the latest technology.  For example, transfer your old home movies on VHS to DVD.  Back up your previous memories. 

Photoshop Tips:

The shortcut to undo the last thing you did in Photoshop is Ctrl(pc) or Cmd(mac) + Z

If you add the alt key you can undo more than just the one last thing.  Ctrl(pc)/Cmd(mac) + alt + Z

Or go to the History panel and select a previous history step to undo a few steps.

The standard default allows the history panel to keep the last 20 steps.

If you want it to save more you can change it under preferences > Performance > History States.

I recommend the standard 20 step default because it slows down your computer if it has to save to many

steps.  I recommend working with multiple layers and layer mask to work as non-destructive as possible.


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