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Blog for Photographers - Brevard Zoo

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Blog for Photographers - Brevard Zoo


Local Florida - Brevard Zoo

Brevard Zoo is a great local place to photograph animals.  I regularly visit the zoo several times a year.  The zoo is open daily from 9:30-5, but if you become a zoo member you can get early admission at 9am. 

I love photographing meerkats because they remind me of my kitty cats playing.

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Here's some big cats (jaguars)


Did you know Emu's laid green eggs? 


Rhinos can run to 35 mph.


What's your favorite animal to photograph?  (Please comment below)


August Photo Project Idea



You are walking and look down and see ................


Photography Tip: 


Things to keep in your camera bag

1) Rain Jacket for your camera

2) Extra batteries

3) Spare memory cards

4) pen

5) lens cleaning cloth

6) water bottle (attach to outside of bag)

7) sun screen

8) snack

9) phone

10) umbrella


Photoshop Tips

Tricks using the Shift key

1) To remove a straight line when using the the spot healing brush click at one end of the line

and then shift click at the other end to heal.

2) When using the Transform tool hold shift to transform the image without distortion.

3) When using the elliptical or rectangle marquee tool hold shift to create a circle or square.

4) When using the line tool hold shift to create a straight line.

5) When using the magic wand to create a selection use shift + click to add to a selection.

6) You can shift click on several layers to be able to move them together at the same time.

7) You can shift click on a layer mask to disable it.

8) To draw a straight line with the brush tool click at your start pointing then shift click at end.


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