A Style Photography | Blog for Photographers - Ice 2016

Blog for Photographers - Ice 2016

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Blog for Photographers -  Ice 2016


Local Florida - Ice 2016

I had so much fun at Ice at Gaylord Palms last year, so I went again this year.  The theme was Charlie Brown.  I look forward to attending again next year.



This is a close up of a thermos cup in the gift shop.  Look for the little details.




Photo Project Idea

Experiment with different apertures.  Use aperture f22 to have more of the image in focus.  Use aperture 2.8 if you want to focus on the main subject and blur the background.


Computer Tips:

The end of the year is a perfect time to run Disk Clean up and Disk Defragmenter on your computer to help keep your computer running at optimum performance.

Photoshop Tips:

To change the opacity of the tool you are using such as the brush tool or clone stamp you can just type 1 for 10%, 5 for 50%, 8 for 80%, etc.

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