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Blog for Photographers - Florida Lighthouses

October 11, 2016  •  1 Comment

Blog for Photographers - Florida Lighthouses


Local Florida - Florida Lighthouses

Here's just a few photos of Florida's many lighthouses.  I think it would be fun to photograph all the lighthouses in Florida.

9-161682389-16168238St. George Light, Florida

Cape St. George Lighthouse

2 East Gulf Beach Drive, St. Geroge Island, FL 32328


9-161681829-16168182Cape San Blas Lighthouse, Florida

Cape San Blas Lighthouse

200 Miss Zola's Drive., Port St. Joe, Fl 32456


9-161683349-16168334St. Marks Lighthouse, Florida

St. Marks Lighthouse

1255 Lighthouse Rd. St. Marks, FL 32355


9-161682959-16168295Crooked River Lighthouse

Crooked River Lighthouse

1975 Hwy 98, Carabelle, FL 32322



Photo Project Idea

Photograph clouds.  Exercise your imagination by photographing cloud shapes. 

It's also a great idea to have a folder of cloud photos to merge into images with not so great skies using Photoshop.

9-161664659-16166465cloud photography

"Truths are first clouds; the rain, then harvest and food." -Henry Ward Beecher


Photography Tips:

Circular Polarizers are great to use when photographing clouds.  They darken the sky about 1-2 and make the skies bluer.  When using be sure to turn the circular polarizer till the blues really pop.  They are also useful in reducing glare and reflections. 


Photoshop Tips:

To create a group from several layers

1) Select several layers by clicking on first layer then shift clicking on last layer you want to include.  Or if you want to select just certain layers to add to group, Ctrl(pc)/Cmd(mac) click they layers you want to add.

2) Ctrl(pc)/Cmd(mac) + G


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Love the lighthouses...and clouds!
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