"THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! I can not decide on any of them...I want them all.....they are all GREAT. I really really appreciate all the work you put into them." -Debbie

"They are amazing. It is more than we imagined. Thank you Amanda." -Anne-Marie  

"Just love the photos. Thanks so much." -Gail

"I love the photos of Brody. I can’t believe  you were able to get such good shots with him zooming all over the place!!" -Sandy
"Your website is really awesome – you are so good at photography."  -Patsy 

 "Thanks soo much!  I'm spreading the word around at how awesome your work is =]"  -Victoria
"I got the pictures yesterday. They are beautiful, thank you! I am showing them off at work today."
 - Julie
"Amanda we were absolutely amazed at the photos you took. It seemed like a total fiasco the way the dogs were acting and you managed to get the best shots." - Patti


"Thank you Amanda!  I appreciate your professionalism and followup!  Oh, and of course, the great pictures of "my sweetheart"!  - Charity
"Thank you so much the pictures are absolutely amazing thank you so much for what you do its so hard to find someone to take Pet photos."  -Crissy
"Omg!  They are amazing!!!  I love all your photography!  Your pictures just transform everything . I LOVVVVVE THEM!!!!!!!" - Maria
"Thanks Amanda! They’re wonderful." - Katryna