Blog for Photographers - St. Augustine Lighthouse

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Blog for Photographers -  St. Augustine Lighthouse


Local Florida - St. Augustine Lighthouse

I recently took a trip to St. Augustine and photographed the lighthouse.

4-17Horsesbeach-68194-17Horsesbeach-6819St. Augustine Lighthouse Photography by A Style Photography

I just took photos from the ground because I'm a little afraid of heights and was told that there are 219 steps to reach the top.  If your not afraid of heights I would encourage you to climb to the top and get some great scenic photos from up high.

4-17Horsesbeach-68344-17Horsesbeach-6834St. Augustine Lighthouse Photography by A Style Photography

To learn more about the St. Augustine Light house or to plan your visit check out


Photo Project Idea - Frame Your Subject

4-17Horsesbeach-68324-17Horsesbeach-6832St. Augustine Lighthouse Photography by A Style Photography 4-17Horsesbeach-68334-17Horsesbeach-6833St. Augustine Lighthouse Photography by A Style Photography

Frame your subject.

In this photo I used the tree branches to frame the lighthouse to add interest and a unique perspective.

Here's a few frame ideas.  Try and see how many you can find to photograph.

1. Tree/leaves

2. Flowers

3. Arch

4. Bring your own wooden frame

5. Use hands to frame a subject


Photography Tips:  Protect your Gear

I always keep a rain cover in my camera bag just in case it rains. When I visited Washington, DC I took a night bus tour to visit the sites and it was pouring rain, but I kept on shooting and protected my camera with a rain cover. 

I also use a UV filter on my lenses to protect from scratches and dog licks.


Photoshop Tips:

Advantages of Adjustment Layers

1) It's non-destructive

2) You can edit it anytime as long as you save as PSD or TIFF with layers

3) You can change the opacity of the adjustment layer

4) You can use the layer mask to make the adjustment only affect parts of the image

5) You can change the blend mode to alter how the adjustment layer blends

Blend Modes:





Color Burn

Linear Burn

Darker Color



Color Dodge

Linear (Add)

Lighter Color


Soft Light

Hard Light

Vivid Light

Linear Light

Pin Light

Hard Mix









What's your favorite blend mode?  Please comment below.

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