Wine for Cats and Dogs

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Pet Wine

4-17PetWinery-0760-10084-17PetWinery-0760-1008Cat and Dog Wine and Beer

Great news!  I found some great wine, champagne, and beer for cats and dogs that I will start offering at events such as the Clermont Farmer's Market, the Pasco Pet Festival, and more events in the fall.

Don't want to wait?  Order them now and I will ship it to you.

4-17PetWinery-2941-10114-17PetWinery-2941-1011Cat and Dog Wine and Beer

 Wine and Champagne for cats and dogs

Fun names like FetchMe Grigio, FetchMe Noir, Dog Pawrignon, Meow & Chandon, Meowsling, and Purrgundy.

4-17PetWinery-2896-10064-17PetWinery-2896-1006Cat and Dog Wine and Beer

Cat-tini's - for the fun loving cats and made with valerian root. 

4-17Aries-5166-12094-17Aries-5166-1209Cat and Dog Wine and Beer

Don't have cats?  Check out Dog Beer.

4-17PetWinery-2915-9984-17PetWinery-2915-998Cat and Dog Wine and Beer

My 6 cats have enjoyed testing the cat wine, champagne, kitTEA and give it 6 paws!!!!!!


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