Tips for Clipping Pet Nails

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Tips for Clipping Pet Nails


Here's a link to a great article I found with tips for clipping cats nails.  And they also have one for trimming dogs nails too.  I like that the Wiki How article walks you though the steps of nail trimming starting with preparing your cats paws.  It suggests getting your cat used to having it's paws touched and massaged first.  My cats like suggestion to reward them with treats.  It has a great illustration showing where to trim and to avoid the quick.  The article recommends trimming your cats nails every 2-4 weeks.


Recommended nail clippers

Petscatch nail clippers and scissors

7-16Petscatch38797-16Petscatch3879Petscatch Nail Clippers and scissors

The Scissors work great for cats and the nail clipper is ideal for clipping dogs nails.  The dog nail clipper has a safety stop and sharp stainless steel blade to cut through the nails easily and cleanly.


I like that the nail clippers has a nail file hidden in the handle.


My cats decided to use one of my favorite props as a scratching post.  Oops, the cute leather chair is now a scratching toy even though we have three other scratching toys for them.  Guess I need to clip their nails more often.   


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