Petscatch Kitty Litter Scoops

July 24, 2016  •  1 Comment

Check out these new Petscatch kitty litter scoops.  

7-16Petscatch5-27-16Petscatch5-2Kitty Litter Scoop

They are metal and much better then the plastic ones that we have been using that keep breaking and have to be replaced.  They are made by Petscatch

7-16Petscatch157-16Petscatch15Kitty Litter Scoop

Petscatch Kitty Litter Scoops

-Best Clump Remover

-Won't bend or flick

-Comfortable grip

-Anti-scatter sides

-Large size

- Teflon coated against corrosion

-Dry with cloth after wash to prolong life

Order yours today!


Tips for happy cats:

1) Clean litter box at least once a day 

2) Fresh water every day

3) Fresh cat food daily

4) Petting and attention

5) Toys for exercise and fun



Clean litter box at least once a day. 

Twice a day is even better.  Fresh litter box = happy cat and helps avoids extra messes.

I would also recommend multiple litter boxes for multiple cats.  We have six cats and three litter boxes in

different areas.

It's also a good idea to completely clean out the litter box once a week and scrub it with soap and water. 

Make sure you dry the litter box completely before adding fresh litter to avoid the new litter sticking to the

bottom.  While your cleaning the litter box, don't forget to to clean your litter scoop too and dry with a cloth

to prolong it's life.

7-16Petscatch287-16Petscatch28Kitty Litter Scoop


Great design, comfortable grip, makes the not so great task of cleaning the box easy.
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