Pets in the Park

May 02, 2016  •  3 Comments

Here's some photos from the Pets in the Park event in Tampa last week.  Congratulations to Zoe and Carolyn for winning the $50 Pet Photo Gift Certificates.  The event was a great event with dock jumping, lots of pet vendors, pet photos, and pools of ice for the dogs to cool down and play. 

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4-16BluV104-16BluV10   Blu

4-16Botti9665-54-16Botti9665-5 Botti

4-16Dozer9786-44-16Dozer9786-4 Dozer

4-16Jazzy9443-4a4-16Jazzy9443-4a Jazzy

4-16LibbyGigiV8-24-16LibbyGigiV8-2 Libby & Gigi

4-16LolaOreo9935-2-24-16LolaOreo9935-2-2 Lola & Oreo

PawsMaxPawsMax Max

4-16MiloChico9551-54-16MiloChico9551-5 Milo & Chico

4-16PryceSelena0066-34-16PryceSelena0066-3 Pryce & Selena

4-16ShadowPablo0085-44-16ShadowPablo0085-4 Shadow & Pablo

4-16Stella9672-14-16Stella9672-1 Stella

4-16Tony37b4-16Tony37b Tony

4-16Zoe9869-34-16Zoe9869-3 Zoe

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Zoe looks super cute in her peacock costume!
Max is a cutie
SHADOW and PABLO ... so well behaved with his buddy on his back. A deserved winner.
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