Blog for Photographers - Kanapaha

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Blog for Photographers - Kanapaha

Great News!  I have decided to create a monthly blog for my fellow photographers and Photoshop students. 

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I will include tips, tricks, product reviews, photo project ideas, upcoming class info & more.  I have decided to start this blog because I would like to keep in touch with my past and current Photoshop and photography students to help keep the learning going. 

My favorite part of the blog newsletter will feature photos and information about local Florida places to photograph.  Some examples of places include the Orlando Wet Lands, Lukas Nursery, the Old Sugar Spice Mill, Albin Polasek Museum & Sculpture Gardens and lots more.

Local Florida - Kanapaha


I recently went to Kanapaha gardens for the first time.  It's about an hour and a half from Orlando and it's near Gainesville.  My favorite part of the garden is the children's garden.  There is a pond that features lots of fun sculptures.  There's even a cat and dog sculpture.  The water lilies were in bloom when I went May and there were hoards of dragonflies posing for me.  They have two main paved paths.  The path on the right is a mile and it goes through a shaded wooded area with a herb garden, sink holes, pond, and a vine garden.  The path of the left is shorter only a 1/2 mile, but I personally think there are more interesting things to photograph on the shorter path such as the rose garden, butterfly garden, and children's garden.  To learn more check out their web-site.


May Photo Project Idea

Photographing Flowers is May's photo project idea because April showers bring May Flowers.

Photo Tip:  Add water droplets to flowers by spraying flowers with a water bottle. 

Get closer with extension tubes.  You can add them to your regular lens or to a macro lens to be able to focus even closer.


Photoshop Classes

For those of you who don't know I regular teach Photoshop Classes at Harmon Photo in Orlando, Florida. 

I also teach private one-on-one lessons.



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They will include tips, tricks, product reviews, photo project ideas, upcoming class info & more.

Thanks for learning.


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