Have you heard of Whisker Fatigue?

March 26, 2016  •  Leave a Comment
Have you heard of Whisker Fatigue?
Cats have very sensitive whiskers.   Eating out of deep bowls with tall sides can irritate their whiskers when they rub against the edges of the bowl.  Have you ever noticed that your cat eats the food in the middle of the bowl but leaves the food along the edges?  



I  recently met the Dr. Catsby group at the Global Pet Expo and they educated on using the correct type of bowl.

I bought a Dr. Catsby Bowl for Whisker Relief for my kitties and now they lick the bowl clean instead of leaving food in the corners.  It saves me time too because now I don't have to spend time washing and scraping off the dried chunks of cat food left around the edge.    

Visit Dr. Catby's website for more information.  https://drcatsby.com/




Here's the affiliate link if you would like to order your kitties a Dr. Catsby Bowl to protect their whiskers.


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