The Benefits of a Cat's Purr

February 17, 2016  •  1 Comment

A cats Purr is my favorite sound in the world.  Last year we adopted 6 rescue cats and hearing them purr is very comforting. 

Did you know that there are many positive medical benefits to humans hearing the sound of cats purring?

Cats lower Stress levels.

Cat's Purr between 40-120 Hz.

The frequency that cats purr at helps heal bones.

Cats help lower human's blood pressure.

The sound of a cats vibration helps heal infection and swelling.

They help lower the risk for strokes and heart attacks.

Does your cat help you relax? 

If you don't have a cat adopt one or six from South Lake Animal League.

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DSC_5942DSC_5942The Cat Love Boat

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My favorite cat game to play is Cat-Opoly.  For dog lovers check out Dog-Opoly or Puppy-Opoly.   I also enjoy the classic Monopoly.


Really nice photos you have here! I totally agree that a cat's purrs will do wonders for one's health. Though some cats do not purr much than others.
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